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Paris Apartment Rental

Paris Apartment Rental

A Rental Property can be a great investment, earning you a nice supplemental income on the side. That is, of course, if you’re actively renting it out to people. A Virtual Reality tour is a fantastic way to show off your Seasonal or Yearly Rental home to prospective clients. You can clean it, decorate it and photograph it ONCE, and show that perfect image forever! People love to be able to see exactly what they’re getting for their money. You’ll never hear someone complain, “It looked bigger in the picture…” Plus, it adds a bit of class to your presentation and justifies charging more for the ‘experience’.

This is an apartment near the Bastille in Paris. This was made for a client who did not wish to publish the tour but rather send it to potential renters upon request as a ‘blind link’.

For your VR we can add all types of custom graphic links, add/remove/change image details, add photos/videos/sounds and add a metadata box with any information you’d like added.

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