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VR Home Tour

VR Home Tour


This is a 19-point home tour of a private residence that was sold in 2011. It had been on the market for several years before we were approached by the homeowner to create the tour. Once it was completed, the home sold within 3 months. It’s hard to say that the VR was the reason it sold, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that it sold once we came in…

The photography portion took about 3 hours to do and actually involved getting into the pool to shoot one viewpoint from the water (take a ‘stroll’ to the back porch and see if you can find it). We purchased a domain name on the clients behalf and used some of their existing server space to host the tour. Once it was completed and uploaded, we gave the realtor the domain name and she was off!

For your VR we can add all types of custom graphic links, add/remove/change image details, add photos/videos/sounds and add a metadata box with any information you’d like added.

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