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OK, before we forget – here’s a few notes and pix (in no particular order) from this year’s NATPE conference at the Fontaine Bleau in Miami.

Team Andromeda, Poolside.

Andromeda with Ice (Robert Van Winkle if you’re nasty).

Ale and Karolína Kurková, one of the 3 supermodel judges on Oxygen’s new show “The Face”. Andromeda has worked on several co-branded spots (paired with “Identity Theif”, the new Universal Studios movie) teasing the launch of the show, so we were excited to finally meet her. Upon learning that we are part of the launch, she was actually very excited to meet us as well.

Andromeda with one of our favorite clients (and distinguished NATPE guest panelist) Chet Fenster. He was catching up with this gentleman he introduced us to by the name of Carl Kurlander. Those two go way back and their conversation was a tennis match of names and projects and industry references… it was like listening to a Dennis Miller bit except they actually knew what they were talking about. It was fascinating.

Doug Scott
President + Founder of Ogilvy Entertainment

As an Ogilvy NY alum, it was very interested to hear Doug Scott speak. He gave a great presentation on The End of TV as We Know It & The Birth of Transmedia – click here to view the slides.

He referenced another presentation that was worth reading that I will link to as well, it’s called Making Magic, Using Logic.

Random Notes:
TV used to just speak AT consumers – very one way communication
“Disruptive Innovation”
The Razor Model: The Razor is an iPod – the Blades are the $.99 Songs you buy constantly
Micro Transactions over Major Transactions
“Soon, TV will be ‘Truly Smart’…”
“By the end of the year, every commercial will have a #hashtag.”
“Creativity is more important than ever before”
The 2nd Screen – or is it the first?
Audience and Story are constant – only the “telling” is variable
Tablet Market = fastest growing platform EVER.
“We, as producers, need to understand our tools”


Steven Levitan

Director, Screenwriter + Producer of TV Comedies

He created such TV series as Just Shoot Me!, Stark Raving Mad, Stacked, Back to You, and most recently Modern Family. He was also a recipient of this year’s Tartikoff Legacy Award at NATPE

He said before sitting down to write a pilot for a new TV show he reads the pilots for Cheers and Frazier to remember “because they’re just 2 incredible, perfect pieces of work.”

So here you go, Internet: Cheers Pilot and the Frasier Pilot

He was one of the funniest panelists we saw all week. Peter Casey spoke about ‘the writers room’ and how when writing ‘The Jeffersons”, silence was seen as a bad thing. Levitan said (in a dry, Modern Family style delivery) that it could also be seen as having “not enough Jews… More than 3, you can’t hear yourself think.” It was a really funny presentation. I actually feel like Levitan might be the inspiration for the Phil Dunphy character, they are pretty similar.

Here’s a video of the whole talk alongside Peter Casey on Youtube.