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Promoting video with Adwords is not just about Keywords


Promoting video with Adwords is not just about Keywords

When you are in video production for corporate videos and marketing sales tapes like we are, the ins and outs of Google+ are your every day.

For us, a successful video production has a strong marketing strategy behind it. We understand that just like having a great looking video is mandatory, having a platform where to distribute that message is crucial. When my clients ask me why this is so important I simply reply “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

For example -because I make professional video content for a living- I always coach my clients on the benefits of having your local business verified on Google+. Why?  Because you can direct potential customers to your profile using the powerful Google Adwords tool.  You can define your budget, set your keywords and add your extensions, but unfortunately that’s just half of the battle.

Today I found this very interesting article “Cisco VNI: Mobile Video to Grow 14-Fold by 2018, Account for Nearly 70% of All Traffic” by Jose Alvear. The article is about the projected growth of mobile video in upcoming years and I thought it made a very interesting point in regards to user engagement. This article can help you understand that beyond keywords there’s other things such as user engagement that you need to address if you want your campaign to really be successful.

Cisco’s recently updated Visual Networking Index “VNI,” reveals that “mobile video traffic will increase 14-fold from 2013 to 2018 and will have the highest growth rate of any mobile application category. By 2018, mobile video will represent 69% of global mobile data traffic, up from 53% in 2013. ”

But what I found even more interesting is that the study revealed that mobile video applications are most likely to be used at very specific times during the day.  As you might have guessed, web browsing from a mobile device takes place consistently during the day. When it comes to Mobile Video though, it turns out that night is “prime time” as many users wait until they get home when there’s Wi-Fi available. Way to impact consumer behavior, mobile network carriers!

As the CEO of a video production company, I find this article “timely” -no pun intended- for anybody planning to promote their company or services using video as a marketing and sales tool.   Paying attention to things like a trend that indicates that users engage with mobile video in the evening might be something you want to leverage and take into consideration when preparing your Video Campaign with Google Adwords. After all, you want people around to hear that tree falling in the forest, right?