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My Video Production Company in Miami: From Dream to Real


My Video Production Company in Miami: From Dream to Real

If you asked me what’s the best benefit of being the Production Director and CEO of Andromeda Productions is that I get to build my own team. To invite a talented video professional to be part of my crew goes beyond just recruiting team members. To me hiring a Director of Photography, an Editor or a Motion Graphics Designer is to extend a very personal invitation to a journey of creativity and imagination.

With my team assembling one member at a time, the need of finding a space where we can all gather to work under one roof became top priority. I always knew having a studio location was important, but until we arrived to Wynwood I never imagined this neighborhood was going to be such a crucial part of our inspiration.

This video was shot a few months after we moved to Wynwood, and it holds a special place in my heart because it’ll always be a reminder of how it was in the beginning. There you’ll see the original Andromeda crew, and of course, Wynwood. Enjoy!