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Case Study “Stolen Rum”

Stolen Rum Portfolio



[zilla_one_half]Stolen Rum is a small New Zealand based rum company that approached Andromeda looking for a simple video. They had an upcoming event they were doing in Australia to launch their new spiced rum called “Coffee & Cigarettes.” The video was to be a recruitment piece, making people aware and getting them to sign up and take part in the plan. They had a ‘storyboard’ already, which had 8 nicely sketched thumbnails and a few lines beneath each. When we looked at the storyboard, we knew they were going to need a lot of help, because the plan was (is) very difficult to explain, to say the least… Australia is very strict on alcohol and cigarette advertising. Cigarettes are sold in unbranded white boxes that are like 75% warning label. When they saw “Coffee&Cigarettes” they said no. So the brand countered by changing the labels to a ‘redacted’ version where [/zilla_one_half][zilla_one_half_last]the C&C logo looks like it was literally scratched out with a fat tip black marker. Not to be outdone by ABAC (their FDA), Stolen had another idea, which was essentially to charter a plane full of rum-carrying ‘human mules’ from Sydney to an ‘undisclosed island’ where they would be loaded with 3 bottles of UNREDACTED Coffee & Ciragettes rum and return the same day to Sydney with their legal allotment of duty-free booze from abroad. They had a deal with Vice Magazine and the whole thing was set to take place on November 14th 2014… Simple, right? Well, ABAC caught up with them and killed the whole project on sight. The use of the word ‘Mules’ was apparently the thing that did it… SO, when it was all said and done, the campaign died but we had still worked and created so much good stuff, we had to share it:[/zilla_one_half_last]


BackTrack + Mules Recruitment:

[zilla_one_half]This cut includes the post-mortem re-cap by our friend, Stolen CEO Jamie Duff. You can hear the disappointment in his voice. It’s sad because he’s a good dude and he believes in his brand.[/zilla_one_half][zilla_one_half_last] Over the course of a month and a half we hung out with JD all over Miami. You can get a sense from watching the recruitment part for the failed Stolen Mules project.[/zilla_one_half_last]



Stolen Bikes:

During Art Basel 2014, Stolen did a little engagement with the people on the streets by designing these bar-bikes and literally driving around and pouring strangers rum and cokes – or Smoke & Coke, as they call it. Pretty girls, pretty interesting bikes…



Mules Party:

[zilla_one_half]This party was supposed to officially kick off the Mules project, which of course died. It was held at Wood here in Wynwood and it would have been a really great party had it not rained super hard right before it started.
The crowd was thin but we managed to make a pretty hype[/zilla_one_half][zilla_one_half_last] video using a gopro + bottle rig we conceived. Basically we strapped a gopro to a bottle of rum and had a shot girl go distribute rum directly into peoples mouths. It makes a nice video because it has a lot of action and it keeps the product front and center.[/zilla_one_half_last]



Stolen Sofas:

Another crazy Stolen idea… this time we’re giving out couches to college students. This was done in 3 cities all over the world – Miami (USA), Sydney (Australia) and Dunedin (New Zealand). We sent footage to NZ for the edit.



Instagram Teasers:

These were made mostly out of the TONS of extra footage we had from shooting all over miami for a month and a half with Stolen Rum. The idea was to have fun and develop the brand voice a bit, because they had almost no video at this point.


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