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Internet Series – Preschoolers – 6 episodes x 3 minutes – Spanish

Welcome to the magical world of nature!

Ecofábulas is an educative animated series where nature elements awaken to surprising adventures of self-discovery and growth.

“Ecofábulas” is an animated series of children’s stories that shows the cycles of nature in a fun way, creating lovely characters our of animals, trees, birds and insects. Each episode follows the organic evolution of each one of them in a sequence of causes and effects, depicting them as amazing little miracles that delight kid’s curiosity and sense of awe.

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Episode 1 “La Semillita” (The Little Seed)

A little seed falls to the earth and begins an expected journey of transformation, getting one surprise after another, growing roots and leaves, getting a strong trunk and branches, welcoming birds and animals, and finally, producing flowers and fruits! The sweet mangos fall down from the tree and animals eat them, dropping the seed and closing a life cycle that will end with a field of mango trees!

Ecofábulas Episodes

1.- La Semillita: A seed turns into a mango tree!


2.- The Sleepy Egg: A little egg near the pond becomes a magnificent duck!


3.- The Traveling Drop: A drop of water’s adventures, becoming a river!


4.- The Flower and the Bee: Their friendship transforms nectar into sweet honey!


5.- A Flying Planet: Earth goes around the sun discovering the seasons!


6.- The Curious Ray of Light: Flying from the sun and feeding plants to produce oxygen!

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Narrative Style and Educational Value

Ecofábulas inspires kids to love and care for nature, awakening their imagination beyond the screen and into real life, planting the seeds of science by inviting them to observe the beautiful little miracles that we see everyday. The series are written in Latin American Spanish language using beautiful storytelling and useful vocabulary.