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Services: Marketing Sizzle Reels

Sales Tapes and Sizzle Reels

Clients these days want to see results. They want to see proof that you are worthy of their business. It’s hard to ‘toot your own horn’ sometimes… Mostly because you’re so busy grinding on the next piece of work trying to stay afloat that you simply don’t have the time to stop and reflect on your past victories. That’s where Andromeda Productions comes in to play.
We specialize in sizzle reels, case studies, show recaps and upfront sales tapes for cable TV, media marketing and advertising agencies. Some of these videos we make represent the centerpiece of a major client presentation sometimes with a lot at stake.
With all that pressure already, let us take a load off you and handle the video production. We’ll work closely with your marketing team to understand your needs, gather all your assets and assemble them into a cut that will make your competitors PowerPoint animations look woefully inadequate. We understand how a video can take an abstract concept and make it real to an audience in a very short time. That’s how we create effective internal presentations and bold online videos. Of course we will work with you to output your cut onto all formats you need so you’re ready for that very important presentation.