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Services: Spark Videos

Spark Videos

A Spark video is like the little brother of a corporate video. It’s not as polished or mature; it’s younger, less formal and more energetic. We’ve found that sometimes you don’t need a full-on production to achieve the results you need. Sometimes you just need some video content that will shed light on a subject in a cool way with energy and enthusiasm. Spark videos provide that first… well, spark of interest in a new campaign or event.

Online videos are an effective marketing tool. With a Spark video your website becomes a powerful sales venue that works around the clock. A Spark video is less labor intensive than a corporate video but that doesn’t mean we cut corners. Usually all the shooting is done in one day and the script is written very loosely, like talking points rather than lines and slogans. It’s still a well-planned, professionally produced video that leaves a solid impression.