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Services: Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality

Andromeda now offers Virtual Reality Photography. A VR ‘tour’ is a unique marketing tool for those who want to create a more interactive presentation experience online. It’s an effective way to show off an environment that may otherwise be difficult to capture with traditional video or photography techniques. VR is more interactive than video because the user can actually articulate their viewing angle and ‘explore’ a 360° digital photograph at their own speed. We are able to link multiple VR viewpoints together as well as add music, sound effects, pictures & video. The creative possibilities are endless. Making a VR image has many steps and requires some special tools and software, it actually doesn’t take very long to complete.

Here’s How It Works:


  • Discuss Your Tour
  • Consult with our Photographer
  • Set a Shoot Date/Time
  • Dispatch Photographer
  • Edit Images & Make VR’s
  • We Post for Review
  • Output Upon Approval