June 2012

Hotel Sixty Two – Barcelona

Virtual Reality tours can be an extremely useful tool for a Hotel or Bed & Breakfast. This is especially true for rooms that are more exclusive than the rest, like the Presidential or Honeymoon Suite. With a higher price tag comes higher customer expectations. A

VR Home Tour

  This is a 19-point home tour of a private residence that was sold in 2011. It had been on the market for several years before we were approached by the homeowner to create the tour. Once it was completed, the home sold within 3 months.

MacGregor Yachts

Virtual Reality tours are a great way to show off a big boat like this one. First of all, it’s difficult to get people out to the marina on a nice day when the boat isn’t being worked on or used. Second, because of the

Paris Apartment Rental

A Rental Property can be a great investment, earning you a nice supplemental income on the side. That is, of course, if you’re actively renting it out to people. A Virtual Reality tour is a fantastic way to show off your Seasonal or Yearly Rental