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Button Art

Button Art by Augusto Esquivel | Beyond color and patience

There's something joyful and disarming about button art. At Andromeda, our team of digital content creators had the privilege of spending some time with Argentine artist Augusto Esquivel. He makes three-dimensional sculptures with buttons and the results are outstanding. See for yourself!

Bobby Flay’s Throwdown! Recipe Book

Today we finally received our copy of the book "Bobby Flay's Throwdown!". This New York Times Bestseller highlights episodes of the the TV series, and contains over 100 recipes from the Food Network's Ultimate Cooking Challenge. We're SO GRATEFUL that Alejandra Huerta appears in the Acknowledgments of the Book. 

Deus Ex Machina

Wow. I just found this really interesting brand called "Deus Ex Machina" that does all sort of cool stuff like surfboards and motorcycles. They have locations in the US, Australia and Indonesia. I really love their aesthetic. They have a gallery of videos and things