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OK, before we forget - here's a few notes and pix (in no particular order) from this year's NATPE conference at the Fontaine Bleau in Miami. Team Andromeda, Poolside. Andromeda with Ice (Robert Van Winkle if you're nasty). Ale and Karolína Kurková, one of the 3 supermodel judges

Bad Girls Club X Tune-In

As 'Bad Girls Club' Season 10 Turned Up The Heat In Atlanta, Andromeda Productions was invited to work on the launch campaign of the new season. We were commissioned to create a "Top 8 Reasons to Watch" 20-sec spot to generate awareness of the new

Bobby Flay’s Throwdown! Recipe Book

  Today we finally received our copy of the book "Bobby Flay's Throwdown!". This New York Times Bestseller highlights episodes of the the TV series, and contains over 100 recipes from the Food Network's Ultimate Cooking Challenge. We're SO GRATEFUL that Alejandra Huerta appears in the Acknowledgments of the Book.