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Production Portfolio


You may remember its keyboard. BlackBerry Mobile is the brand behind the Android powered iconic smartphones. We were tasked by Mobile Nations (Future Labs) to produce ongoing marketing content for Blackberry Mobile during the recent launch of the brands KEYone and KEY2. We absorbed the brand through a holistic approach: From help and how-to segments to lifestyle branded videos, we supplied ads as a sequential campaign via snackable content to deliver a message that’s relevant during each moment of the consumer journey.


Mastercard is a worldwide financial services company, and leader in payment solutions. We continuously work with Mastercard LAC supporting the marketing and communications team, producing presentations, tech heavy B2B corporate videos and content for their most innovative initiatives across multiple departments within the organization. We are deeply involved in the process of conceptualizing their marketing strategy for each project, as we transform complex concepts through storytelling, lifestyle productions and motion graphic animations.


The National Peanut Board is a farmer-funded national research, promotion and education group in support of all things peanuts. We created videos to educate consumers about the benefits of peanuts through relatable content using fun facts and smart animations. We collaborated with them to elaborate messaging to promote a plant forward diet, the peanut as a sustainable crop and provide tips on how to prevent a potential peanut allergy.


NAPA works to support, advocate, and advance the asphalt pavement industry. We were tasked to continue to elevate asphalt pavements as a high-performance choice in road construction through digital content. We addressed sustainability, environmental impact, drivability and the benefits of using asphalt paved roads. We also made an emotional short film about the risk contractors face when working in an active construction zone.


Bring the culinary legend to the screen. Deep dive into the craft that goes into creating their iconic cocktails and dishes. We storyboarded, filmed and edited several series for the restaurant company.

Popular Mechanics

Project Transformation is a series of four instructional videos with tips on how to use Rustolem products in your renovations. We traveled to Austin, Texas to capture the products in action, across a variety of uses.


Chef Lorena García shares her favorite recipes in these videos providing detailed lessons to cook eight delicious meals. We teamed up with Republica to produce, film and edit these fun instructional videos.


As the leading Latin music record label for regional and international artists in the Latin music genre, Sony Music Latin has a lot to show. For the last 5 years, we’ve been tasked to concept and execute annual recaps highlighting their most important projects and artists. The 30-min broadcast quality presentation is showcased globally across Sony Corporation, and we love it because it’s a hybrid: it handles business messaging like a corporate video, but visually it’s presented like a broadcast TV show. This is a long and involved project, and we come in to take care of it across all aspects of production: brainstorming, marketing strategy, storytelling, coordination, filming, motion graphics and editing.


The use of ‘Alternative Data’ is a hot trend in corporate and investment circles, but many aspects of this new category are undergoing definition. For BattleFin, a technology and events company focused on bringing alternative data to the world, an innovative branding strategy is crucial. Through a more aggressive brand voice, graphic design and consistent video production we have helped BattleFin achieve great brand recognition. Their new data platform, Ensemble, aims to consolidate BattleFin’s network of buy and sell side clients into an online alternative data marketplace. Andromeda continues to help the BattleFin brand grow their thought-leader status through relevant marketing content and promotions for their worldwide events.


Through careful planning and countless hours of work, the sculptures of Augusto Esquivel transcend the notion of a simple, everyday object as a medium. We were lucky to witness the genius at work, following the painstaking process of button selection and assembly.


When the artist was asked the question “is street art… contemporary art?” she took it upon herself to make 5 experiments that challenge the status quo. We tagged along Kashink as she created the pieces to complete her solo exhibit, and talked a lot about art.


During Art Basel in Miami, Wynwood opened its walls to female urban artists from around the world to share their unique work, technique and message. We were invited to document their artistic process over the course of a week, culminating in a big art opening.


S4M is a mobile-native, international ad-tech company providing a full-stack solution. Featuring layered and intricate mobile-to-store campaigns, the company was looking to create engaging and visually compelling case studies to present in front of a jury. We were tasked to create a narrative structure that can be embedded into their marketing strategy to showcase S4M’s innovative technology. We created engaging videos that clearly outlined the mechanics across phases behind their campaign while explaining how their technology works each step of the way.


We collaborated with the marketing team of the multinational telecommunications company to create B2B videos and corporate presentations to promote their new technologies as well as their business solutions. Starting with a brainstorming session, we defined potential narrative options that could be effectively implemented within their sales efforts. We scripted messaging consistent with their brand voice, produced engaging and modern business presentations using motion graphics, always delivering videos that are completely aligned with the brand.


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