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marketing agency specialized on creative strategy, branding + video production

We collaborate with innovators by providing branding, marketing and digital content for technology and electronics categories.

We study your value proposition, deep dive into trends and markets. We turn complex notions or next-gen offerings into sticky marketing strategies.

We create meaningful content that sparks genuine interactions. We’re your dynamic link across all phases of your business development.

build your brand and start the conversation


In a saturated market space, today’s consumers want more than just product information from brands. A great product is expected to have a visual identity that stands out, a crystal-clear value proposition and an inclusive culture. Only through a dynamic creative strategy a brand can be flexible. To understands an audiences’ uniqueness is essential to keep up in meaningful conversation. Building a community centered around content that resonates fuels that bond. It’s not just about having a sharp logo and a cool looking website, but how your audience perceives you. That’s what drives preference, sparks consumer loyalty and ultimately captures market share.

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reach your audiences with video content


Digital Video is a clever way a brand emerges because it showcases your offering in a lifestyle context, making it real to your consumer. With a marketing-first approach you can deliver a catchy message that’s relevant to your audience. That’s where Andromeda comes in. As a full-service video production agency, we offer marketing, creative, copywriting, production, editing and motion graphics services. Beyond exceptional live action and animated video content, we apply creative thinking and sequential storytelling to serve meaningful content throughout the consumer’s purchase journey. Long gone are the days of the traditional single 30-sec ad running everywhere… the era of modular and snackable content is here.