Marketing Tools To Boost Your Sales


Common sense is not so common these days. As a creative agency we want to first and foremost understand what your sales goals are so we can propose the best creative solution for your challenge. When we meet with you, we like to have long, meaningful conversations so we can really “speak on your behalf” when we’re crafting your creative solution.

Brand Development

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Creating a differentiated image can have a lasting impact on your costumer. We can design your logo, envision a unique visual style, craft visually consistent printed materials and website.

Creative concept

When it comes to bringing your brand to life you want original content. We are a team committed to telling your story. We’ll do research, present creative concepts, put together a storyboard along with the script that’ll become the base of your video.

Video Production Services

We offer professional planning and logistics, casting call, location scouting, obtaining shoot permits, securing grip and lighting rentals, arrange art direction as well as styling, and of course hiring the best film crew for your production.

Motion Graphics & 3D

We find visual inspiration in very special places, and we like to bring that into our projects. That’s why we partner with the best motion graphic designers and animators to develop a imaginative broadcast-quality graphics package for your project.


Your brand story comes to life in post. After a carefully planned idea is executed, we bring in all that media and place each frame where it belongs in the final video. After we edit, color grade and audio mix you’ll have a master cut encoded to your preference.

We’re Bilingual & Multicultural

Need to cross over the American or Latin American markets? We’re here to help! Having completed projects for major companies in both markets, Andromeda can provide a unique perspective.

We’re proud to share our video production work, created from script to screen. We have extensive experience creating content for technology and electronics, focusing on consumer journey and how it fits a lifestyle. Beyond the quality video content, we offer good ideas thru creative thinking to our projects. Our value proposition is that we think marketing first, so our videos are effective and relevant for the audience it was intended. At Andromeda you can find creative, copywriting, production, editing and motion graphics services all in one place and that you get to work directly with.